Kristen Barnett

Head of Restaurant Development, Zuul Kitchens

Kristen Barnett is the head of restaurant development for Zuul Kitchens, NYC’s first ghost kitchen, where she leads brand relations, growth and other strategic initiatives. Prior to joining Zuul, Kristen served as the Director of Strategic Operations at Dig [Inn], a farm-to-table fast-casual restaurant in the Northeast with ~30 locations. During her time at Dig she led Supply Chain, Pricing & Insights, Menu Development & Delivery, where she launched a delivery-only virtual brand called Room Service. She has worked extensively in sourcing, food cost management, distribution, and the intersection of product development & supply chain strategy. 


Prior to Dig Inn, Kristen worked at The Boston Consulting Group in the New York City office. She graduated from Cornell University magna cum laude and is passionate about plant-based eating and supporting other women in the food industry through a monthly women-in-food dinner series.

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